About Us

Everyone Should Live With A Little More Magic

It all started with our passion for fairy tales as children. We were inspired by the ancient Irish fairytale stories such as The Child of Lir, and The Harp of Dagda. In many Irish Folktales, fairy trees are the gateway between worlds for mortals and that of the faeries in the other-world. They stand alone in fields and are commonly found with large stones circling its base, most likely to protect it. What’s mysterious about these large stones is how they came to be at the tree, the landowners wouldn’t dare disrupt the wee folk. As you can imagine, these gateways are extremely important for the movement of the wee folk so they are heavily protected by magic. The “sídhe” are known as the little people or the wee folk in Ireland and most often portrayed as fairies. Our Spirit Tree is a representation of this magical phenomenon.

Let the Fairy Light Spirit Tree™ brighten your evening and make your bedroom atmosphere, magical, peaceful, and serene.

-Celtic Serenity Team