12 Festive "Christmas in July" Party Ideas

Christmas in july

Are you dreaming about Christmas cheer but it’s still the summer? The Christmas season is magical and keeps us all wanting it to last forever. It’s always sad when you have to take down your decorations and put the Christmas tree away. Many people don’t know how some people started celebrating Christmas during July. The “Christmas in July” summer festivity originated in the 1930s as a girl’s summer camp tradition. It was made mainstream when this tradition was shown in several movies. Once it was made popular, many people loved it because it brings some Christmas cheer and nostalgia into our summer, and is a great excuse to host fun parties to spend time with your friends and family.

Until actual Christmas season starts, these twelve “Christmas in July” party ideas will make your spirits high and alive with bright smiles for the entire family:


1. Baking Sugar Cookies Together


Baking sugar cookies is one of the sweetest Christmas traditions. It also makes a great activity to do with your kids or grandkids while spending quality time together. There are numerous sugar cookie recipes to choose from, and in no time, they are hot and ready to serve your family and guests. You can also make cookie gift boxes and share them with your friends and coworkers to spread the “Christmas in July” cheer!


2. Knit Christmas Stockings


Learning this new skill before Christmas can be fun if you don’t already know how to knit. Instead of waiting till the last moment, you can get into “Christmas mode” by starting to knit Christmas stockings for your friends and family members starting from July. A handmade Christmas stocking doesn’t take as long to knit as a sweater, and will always be cherished by whomever you gift it to. Mimicking the colors of the candy cane with a touch of green and red, and you can have the most beautiful knitted stockings to store treats and bask in the memory of Christmas. 


3. Play Christmas Songs

During your “Christmas in July” party, there’s nothing as nostalgic as hearing some classic Christmas tunes. "Dashing through the snow!" The lyrics of Christmas jingles never get old! Simply slide in a Christmas carol CD, or browse the internet for all your favorite Christmas songs. The deal is to make sure you dance and enjoy every moment of it. 


4. Secret Santa Game

secret santa
At your office or summer Christmas party at home, you can organize a Secret Santa game which is affordable for everyone since all the players only need to purchase a single gift instead of shopping for everyone. This is also a good time for taking advantage of Christmas in July sales and stocking up for December!


5. Christmas Card Contest

Sending Christmas cards is an activity that spreads the joy of Christmas. Among your friends you all can design this year’s Christmas card and agree on what the prize would be for whoever wins. These cards can be used in December for your real Christmas cards that you plan to send to people for the holidays.

6. String Fairy Lights Throughout Your Home

It's not December yet, but installing your fairy string lights throughout your house and in your bedroom, living room, or dining room is a great way to feel festive during July. 



 7. Sunday "Christmas Dinner"

Nothing says a Christmas celebration like a yummy turkey dinner! On a Sunday of your choice in July, you can cook a turkey dinner with all those nostalgic sides such as mashed potatoes,  stuffing, and pies. 


8. Make Homemade Ice Cream or Eggnog

The best ice cream is made at home! Get your kids and include them in this activity. With the use of varying fruits of your choice, orange juice, vanilla extract, milk, heavy whipping cream, sugar, lemon juice, and water, you are well-set and ready to make ice cream in your ice-cream maker. Homemade ice cream is an excellent treat for your guests at the party. For a more festive twist, you could also try making homemade eggnog or “frozen hot chocolate” instead.

9. Have a Gift Wrapping Contest

A gift-wrapping game will get your guest in a competitive mood at the party. To play the game, three people compete at a time and let the other guests be the judge of the winner. 


10. Make Silly Christmas-Themed Hats


Christmas-themed hats are always so fun and full of festivity. The beauty of Christmas is being able to bring cheer to each other by varying deeds or actions. Wearing a funny hat is one way to be silly and bring laughter. This is a great activity for kids to get involved with as well.


11. Roast Marshmallows Outside

 A marshmallow moonlight experience in your yard or backyard will be one to remember. July is a great time to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather at night. Roasting marshmallows takes practice, but after your first try, you will be a professional before the night is out. Remember to decorate your yard with cute outdoor lighting for your guests to feel extra nostalgic!

12. Christmas-Themed Photoshoot

Christmas photos
Design your very own photo booth with Christmas décor. Step inside the booth, smile and strike a pose. You could also take selfies with your family and friends for fun memories. A photoshoot at the party will be a great reminder of the joy of Christmas in July. These photos can be added to an album for lifelong memories of this cute and silly event.


Final Thoughts 

Longing for Christmas in July? There's no need to wait all the way until December. Host a cute Christmas in July party, and your guest will be happy that you invited them! If you take photos of your party be sure to share them with us on Instagram for a shoutout on the Celtic Serenity Instagram page.


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