Decorate a DIY Fairytale Wedding on a Budget

Lights, camera, action! If your big day is coming up and you want to plan a beautiful fairy tale wedding while staying within a budget, then you've come to the right place. To have the wedding you've always dreamed about since childhood isn't far fetched. Fairy lights add a very unique decorative touch and can transform any outdoor or indoor wedding venue to look magical without spending a fortune on your décor. Here are some easy to do tips to make your wedding lighting extra magical:


String Lights Transform Your Space

String lights are amazing because they are super versatile and can be used in many ways to brighten up any space and add ambiance. From decorating tables to creating a starry night canopy over the whole venue, there are endless ways on how to can creatively implement string lights into your wedding to give it a fairytale feel. Check out our String Light Collection for many options. 

You can hang string lights vertically on the wall behind the altar to highlight the main part of the ceremony. This looks pretty especially when accompanied by lots of fresh flowers.

String lights also look great outdoors and for a more outdoorsy look you can even use Stellar Vine String Lights over trees, curtains, and trellises for the perfect look.


Illuminate Pathways and Stairs

To really “set the emotions” and anticipation of everyone who is walking up towards your venues you can make use of pathway lights. Using a solar stakes or a solar lantern option is great so you don’t have to worry about batteries or charging lamps on your big day!

These adorable Cozy Solar Fairy Lights look great on each step of a staircase or can even be hung up from trees or anywhere else.

For a more formal look, you can even use our Solar Maple Lanterns to line pathways or on table tops for a very chic look.

Solar stake lights are also a great idea cause you can use them to illuminate pathways on the venue and they’re also really cute and colorful. These also look great when paired with real flower beds if your venue has them. There are many solar stake light options in our Outdoor Collection.

Centerpieces and Table Décor

When your guests are seated at their designated tables the centerpiece you choose for each table will be their focus as they enjoy their meal. You can easily create a beautiful fairy light centerpiece even on a budget.


One idea is you could put Fairy Lights into transparent vases or jars for a very magical-looking centerpiece without spending a ton of money Glass jars can even be found in dollar stores or discount stores as a cheaper option. No one would ever know! Optionally, you can even add some flowers along with the lights too.

Another use for the Stellar Vine String Lights is for the centerpieces as they are pretty for adding some twinkling greenery for the outdoor look and can be used in vases to make gorgeous centerpieces. You can also arrange them around other décor on tabletops. 

By using more vine lights you can also create a beautiful canopy-like feature over dinner tables or hung on pergolas. There are many creative ways you can make use of these cute vine string lights!

If you're having a country wedding with a rustic theme, you can use our Pine Tree Candles. They even have a remote control to create different settings to set the perfect ambiance.

The Renewing Birch Vine looks great spread on tables and paired with vases or candles. It can even be strung up on a pillar or a mirror as well. It would look great on the table that displays your wedding cake!


A Romantic Dinner Setting

For the bride and groom, a cozy table setting can be set with candles, flowers, fairy lights, Diamond Lights, and of course love. This is their time to enjoy their first meal together as a married couple and start their life together! 


 Whether you plan to keep it simple or end up making a whole starry night string light canopy for your wedding, fairy lights make the wedding venue look magical and your guests will never forget your wedding. If you do end up using any of our lights on your big day, please remember to tag us on Instagram for a shoutout and to be featured on our profile. Congratulations from Celtic Serenity!


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