15 Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing

Your home should be your sanctuary, a place to unwind after a busy day. Due to COVID-19, pandemic life involves social isolation and working from home, meaning people are spending more time at home than ever. Making your home cozy and comfortable is important so that you can truly relax in your own space. You don’t have to leave your house to find peace and tranquility when you can turn your home into your little piece of heaven. Sometimes when we come home after a long day, we end up feeling more stressed out than peaceful because our homes are so disorganized and cluttered! Here are some simple ways to turn your home into a stress-free zone:

1. Start With One Room At a Time

After you read this list and then look at your own home, you may feel overwhelmed on where to start! Take a deep breath and remember that this process is meant for your enjoyment, so take it easy, one step at a time. If you find your home to be chaotic and stressful, try improving one corner before moving on to the next. Eventually, you will improve the whole room and ultimately your whole house!

2. Experiment with Lighting

Try having a variety of light sources in each room so you have the option to set the ambiance of the room. Whether you want to wind down or you’re having a party, the correct lighting can help create the perfect atmosphere. This can include natural and artificial light. Having a bright room makes you feel more cheerful and elated. Interior designers recommend adding different types of lamps such as desk lamps, pendant lights, and sconces for a more cheerful effect in the darker spaces of your home. Fairy lights make any room more bright and cheerful. Consider adding a Fairy Tree Lamp to make any table or corner of your home more inviting and magical! String lights don't just have to be for the holidays and you can add them over your bed or even over a fireplace to add ambiance as well.


3. Explore Different Colorscolorful room

A beautiful color palette is one of the main keys to making your home more peaceful and relaxing. The colors of the walls and decor that you choose can affect your feelings and mood. Choosing the right color scheme can impact the elegance or serenity of any room. A single colorful accent wall may make you feel more cheerful and motivated. On the other hand, some people feel more peaceful with white walls and very minimalist neutral colors such as beiges and greys. Feel free to explore and study color palettes to find which color combinations and shades improve the feel of your space. Some designers recommend if you’re staying indoors more due to COVID-19 and would like a calming home, then work with cool colors such as shades of blues and greens.

4. Music

Music is known to uplift people and put them in a good mood. You can easily create a soundtrack for your home or even particular rooms of your home. If you feel bored doing mundane things like cleaning or ironing, music can be the perfect pick-me-up to help you de-stress while doing chores, or after a long day of work.

5. Aromatherapyaromatherapy oil diffuser

Investing in an essential oil diffuser or incense burner can create a more relaxing vibe to your home. You can alternate on which fragrances you use such as lavender or vanilla. Another option is to simply create a “signature scent” for your home if there is one that you simply love the most! Just like certain shops in the mall, hotels, or spas have a signature scent you can have one for your home too!

6. Conquering Your Clutterorganized kitchen

Many experts state that clutter and disorganization in your home lead to stress and mental unrest. Avoid hoarding items that you don’t use anymore and consider recycling or donating them to less fortunate people. This includes clothing and other household items that you feel are cluttering your home. Going for a more minimalist look in your home will release a lot of the tension that you have. Also, keeping a designated space for every item in your home can save you time as you won’t end up losing your keys or wallet and get late for appointments! It may be an overwhelming project at first, but once you’ve decluttered your rooms, closet, and garage, you can spend little time before each garbage or recycling day to check if there are any items you could get rid of.

7. The Use of Candles

The soft glow of scented candles adds beauty and fragrance to any place. The scent of a cinnamon apple candle may bring back warm nostalgic memories from your childhood or family holidays. Candles add a sense of serenity and ambiance to your home. Always remember to use candles cautiously around children and blow them out fully before going to bed!

8. Comfy Furniture and Pillows

pillows and throw blanket
To make your home more cozy focus on the use of soft textures and comfy furniture. Sometimes we end up buying accent chairs or furniture that looks elegant and formal, but they’re not cozy for the parts of your home that you use a lot. Make sure that you have comfy sofas and chairs to relax on in most of your rooms. Adding throw blankets and throw pillows adds a small splash of color on your sofa and makes a great touch.

9. Plants and Flowers

plantsTo unwind or de-stress most people find themselves taking a walk in the park, visiting a botanical garden, or going on a hike. Bringing a touch of nature indoors makes one feel more peaceful and happier every time you look at your plants. When you water a plant you’re nurturing a small part of Mother Nature! Flowers are also extremely soothing and visually pleasing to look at while also being aromatic. Plants and flowers bring a touch of nature into your home while also cleaning the air and adding oxygen to it. It’s recommended to add a touch of nature to your living area and refrain from putting plants or flowers in your bedrooms as many plants release carbon dioxide at night, not oxygen. Even though this amount of carbon dioxide is not enough to be harmful, many Feng Shui experts believe that plants produce energy that contradicts sleep. Therefore, adding plants to your living areas only is a great idea!

10. Emphasize Your Windows

long windows
If you have a nice view from certain windows of your home, make sure to install window treatments that are simplistic and easy to open and close. Layered window treatments allow you to open windows for an outside view and getting some natural light in the day while allowing privacy from outsiders glaring into your home at night. Even if a window is not very tall, always drill the curtain rod at the top of the wall and opt for longer wall-length curtains. Then, if you add a valance or draperies at the top of the window, this technique gives the appearance of taller ceilings and a larger room.

11. Don't Forget the Bathroom!

elegant bathroom
We often forget the bathroom but it’s an extremely important part of your home. The bathroom is important for our daily and relaxation needs. It only takes a few minutes each day to make sure your bathroom is clean and hygienic. Keep a small vacuum for the floor to pick up dust and hair, and a sponge to wipe off wet counters as well. You can create a spa-like environment by adding a stack of comfy towels, bath beads, and candles near the bathtub. Soak away stress at the end of the day by taking a bath while listening to your favorite music or reading a book. If you prefer to shower instead, you can invest in a luxurious rain-shower head with a massage feature.

12. Creating a Serene Bedroom

bedroom Your bedroom is so important as it’s where you wind down at the end of the day and get a peaceful sleep to be fresh and energized for the next day. Make sure your bedroom is comfy with high thread count sheets and cozy pillows. If your mattress gives you a backache, consider replacing it with a more comfortable eco-friendly mattress with no harmful chemicals which is also better for your health. Make sure your bed sheets match with your comforter or quilt and add accent pillows for a splash of color. Making your bed every day when you wake in the morning instantly makes your bedroom look neater and makes you feel better when you return to your room. Opening the curtains or blinds when you wake allows natural light to brighten your morning as well. If you have space in your bedroom, consider getting a cozy chair where you can read or unwind before bed. Consider adding these Willow Branch Lights on your nightstands too. Beautiful accent lighting adds cheer and beauty to any room. An upholstered headboard also makes your bed more comfortable for when you want to sit in bed and read. Decorate the walls with artwork or photographs that you love which brings you positive energy. Consider adding shadow box shelves that allow you to store little mementos and trinkets on your bedroom walls that cheer you up. 

13. A Cozy Living Room

cozy living room
The living room is usually the place for you to unwind, release tension, catch up on the news, and chat with family and friends. Sometimes tiny changes can help brighten up your living room. Sofa covers can help old sofas look refreshed if they’re old and drab. Cute throw pillows and blankets can add a splash of color. Rearranging furniture can also make a huge difference. Sometimes moving a coffee table into the corner can make your living room look huge! Another way to feel happier in your living room is by adding seasonal decor indoors which brightens your mood.

14. Family Photos and Mementos

comfy room and photos
You can use framed photos of family members and friends as a constant reminder of pleasant memories with loved ones or places you’ve been to. Displaying memories of people and places you love keeps positive thoughts in your mind. You can also display other important mementos which we often box away which are connected with positive memories such as trophies, ribbons, certificates, or even degrees that you’ve earned.

15. Create a Screen-Free Zone

For a couple of hours before bed, it’s recommended to steer away from screens. The blue light from our screens does damage to our eyes and interferes with our sleep schedules. Most of us are so addicted to checking our phones, messages, and news feeds, but it’s important to give your body, eyes, and mind a chance to relax and decompress.

Some ideas for activities to do instead of using screens are reading, painting, drawing, meditating, making a puzzle, playing music, talking with family members, gardening, trying a new recipe, or even building cute miniature model kits! After following this advice many people have said that they found hidden talents they never knew they had! We don’t even know that we’re potential artists or have a green thumb because all of our extra time goes into our screens. Finding the right hobby also makes you feel more elated and happy. You will find that you look forward to getting some of that me-time to work on your hobby.

In conclusion, everyone needs a special place to get away from it all, so why not make your whole home into that place! Getting rid of all that clutter and making simple changes to beautify your home is guaranteed to make you feel more peaceful and relaxed. Consider making these changes with one tiny step at a time to tailor your home to your favorite relaxation activities.

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