Create an Enchanting Fairy Light Bedroom

With just a few simple touches you can make your bedroom beautiful and enchanting with magical fairy lights! A fairy tale room is no longer just part of the make-believe stories as many people have made creative decorations with fairy lights as a new trend. Fairy lights look magical and can be used to decorate rooms for kids and also even more sophisticatedly for adults. Fairy lights don't just have to be for the holidays or only children anymore! Here are some tips on making your space feel twinkly and magical:

Getting Creative With String Lights

There are so many ways you can use string lights to make your bedroom look magical! String them around your vanity mirror or headboard. If you don’t have a headboard you can shape the lights above your bed on the wall to look like a magical lighted headboard.  You can also thread some string lights through your curtain rods, or drape them ceiling-to-floor along with your curtains. Another idea is to outline the whole top of your room where the top of the wall and ceiling meet, for a very magical effect as if your whole room is glowing! String lights are lovely because you can get very creative with them. You can also use them to make reading areas or bookshelves more lively and colorful. You can check out our String Lights Collection for more awesome inspiration.

You can hang string lights paired with draped fabric canopies from the ceiling over your bed for a very royal look. This looks great for a girl’s princess room, or can even be decorated more elegantly for a romantic setting in a couples room as well.

If you love nature and the whole fairy garden vibe, these Stellar Vine String Lights are so cute and look wonderful draped over any furniture in your room. They can also be made into cute heart shapes and hanged on the wall.


Another idea for an empty wall of your bedroom is that you could make a zig-zag out of string lights or drape them over the wall, and add some memorable photographs on the string lights with some clothes pins! This idea is super simple to do and and make any wall look amazing with lighting and character!

If you have some beautiful glass jars or transparent vases around the house, you can add some cute string lights inside and turn them on for a beautiful glowing effect. This looks really cool and easier than worrying about blowing out candles before bed.

Another classic option is to add a Fairy Light Spirit Tree to each nightstand for a very magical looking bedroom. Both the Fairy Light Spirit Tree or Magical Willow Branches adorned in beautiful vases make great nightstand lamps! Whether you’re young or young at heart, these look pretty in any bedroom.


Reading Area Accents

In both adult and children's bedroom bookshelf and reading areas, a fairy lamp makes a great touch. You can use fairy lights as cute reading area accents which also add some task lighting to your reading areas. They also look super cute and trendy on bookshelves!



Night Lights

Little kids who are are scared of the dark can be given more courage with an Enchanted Full Moon Lamp as they are just magical! They can also be turned on or off and change the setting with an included remote control so the child feels more comfortable if they want some light in their room in the middle of the night when alone. 


There are endless ways you could get creative and use fairy lamps or string lights to make the perfect enchanted fairy light bedroom! If you use any of our lights to decorate your bedroom be sure to tag us on Instagram for a special feature on our page!

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