4th of July Decoration Ideas & Crafts

With the 4th of July coming up it’s a great time to enjoy the warm weather outside and have an outdoor lunch or barbeque. With just a little creativity you can create some awesome décor ideas to impress all of your guests without spending a ton of money on decorations from a party store! These cute crafts are great for doing together as a family. Here we go:


Patriotic Willow Branch Vase 

It’s pretty easy to create a 4th of July vase arrangement with just a few items that you already have around the house. First, arrange your Magical Willow Branches, add some artificial flowers to the vase. If you can find artificial red, white, and blue flowers that would look great. Next, add the American Flag, and you can even add some patriotic colored beads draped over the vase as an accent.


American Flag Cupcake Toppers 

These cute cupcake toppers are super easy to make at home if you don’t find them in stores. You can easily do an image search and find printable cupcake topper sheets with tiny American flags on them. Just print the sheet in color, cut them out, and tape them to toothpicks! This is a fun activity to do with your kids or grandkids to get ready for your 4th of July party! 


American Flag with String Lighting

Instead of just hanging up a plain large American Flag banner you can jazz it up by pinning some string lights in a rectangle all around it so by evening it will look bright and cheerful! Check out our String Light Collection for a set you would like to use around your flag or banner.


Strawberry and Blueberry Cake

(Photo Courtesy of WellPlated.com)

Making an American flag cake is easy to make. It's always a hit at every Independence Day party we have, and you’ll never want to host another 4th of July party without making it! You can make any recipe vanilla cake (or any flavor of your choice), frost it with white whipped cream, and decorate it with blueberries and sliced strawberries. This cake type of cake looks patriotic for Independence Day and doesn’t take much effort.

Red White and Blue Mason Jars

(Photo Courtesy of Homedit.com)

Another fun activity to do with kids is to paint American Flags or simple red, white, and blue stripes onto large mason jars that you have in your kitchen or lying around. Once it dries you can hide some battery-powered Fairy Lights inside the jar. This little craft is cute and your guests will love it! The jars look great on tabletops at your barbeque, or on buffet tables. They can even be used at pathway lights outside of your home or patio. If desired, you can even add an American flag to each jar.


Have fun decorating with these cute and unique decoration ideas which will really wow your guests! These crafts are also great for spending quality time with family members or friends as they’re really fun to do together and don’t take a lot of time. If you do happen to make any of these crafts do tag us on Instagram to be featured on our page. Happy Independence Day in advance from Celtic Serenity!

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