Nursery and Kids' Night Lights for Easy Bedtime

For many families bedtime is a stressful time because kids don’t want to get to bed and parents find the whole routine of getting their kids to bed on time to be a chore. Sometimes kids are just afraid to sleep in the dark and may have fears that can be easily solved with the help of a loving parent or grandparent. Asking your child what they’re afraid of and addressing their fears while being rational and not making fun of them or just dismissing them can help. For example, if your child is afraid of the dark because a monster is in the closet, by telling the child you’ll “force the monster to leave” you’re confirming to the child that monsters are real. Reassure your child that you are nearby and there if anything is wrong and that it’s important to stay in bed to get a good night’s sleep. There is also nothing wrong with allowing security items such as teddies and blankets to help your child feel safe.

Just like certain items such as teddy bears or blankies help a child feel safe and secure, a night light is a great gift for a child to help them feel happier about bedtime. Night lights help a child feel more secure and safe if they’re scared of the dark and keep getting out of bed to find their parents. They are also useful in a baby’s nursery because they can be used when parents need some light for night feedings or diaper changes during the middle of the night. Here are some creative night light ideas for your child or grandchild’s room:


Fairy Light Spirit Tree

A Fairy Light Spirit Tree can be used as cute a night light in your child’s room or nursery. Kids who are a bit older and scared of the dark or “monsters under the bed” can be told the fairytale of how Fairy Trees were used as gateways between the fairy world and the human world and that these trees had magic that protected the fairies. Sometimes such stories along with having a night light help kids who are scared of the dark to have some confidence until they’re older to realize there’s nothing to be afraid of! Do remind your kids that these stories are just for fun and we shouldn’t reinforce their belief in monsters or make-believe creatures.



The Enchanted Full Moon

This unique Enchanted Moon night lamp looks cool and has great features that will make any child feel secure and confident. The moon lamp is rechargeable and has an 8-10 hour battery life so your child can move it around in their room without worrying about wires. It also has a remote control so that it can be turned on or off from the bed without getting up. It has many lighting features and 16 colors that can be adjusted. This is a great choice for kids who are old enough to turn their night light on and off by themselves and they will have security and confidence that there’s nothing scary in their bedroom!

Homemade Night Light

You can use a mason jar or bottle with Fairy Lights inside for a unique DIY night light. This option will have a gentle glow without making your child’s room too bright during the night. The magic fairy lights will help your child feel secure at night when it’s dark.



Fairy String Lights

For older kids and especially pre-teen girls string lights can make their rooms look super cute and fairytale-like. There are many cool ways that you can decorate your child’s room with string lights to make it look magical and cheerful. Soft glowing string lights also make great night lights when your child wants to read before bed and during sleepovers too.

We hope you enjoy some of these night light ideas! If you happen to use any please tag us on Instagram for a shoutout.

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