5 Tips for Mood Lifting Home Office Lighting


Whether you utilize your home office space for a remote job, hobbies, or household tasks, having better home office lighting helps increase your productivity and mood. If your home office has bad lighting that could be causing low productivity, poor mood, lower energy, strained eyes, and even headaches.

Natural light is best, but if you don’t have a window facing the right direction and have poor lighting in your home office, make use of artificial light. By pairing task lighting with ambient light you can create the perfect work atmosphere. Adding some accent lighting too can help create more visual characteristics and depth to your space as well. Read more for further tips:

1. Make Use of Natural Light

When we wake up in the morning the first thing we do is open the curtains to help us feel energized to start our day. Similarly, allowing natural light into your workspace is very beneficial. Sunlight brightens your mood and brings in warm lighting. Whenever you're working in the daytime, make use of windows and skylights in your office space. If you set up your desk to face North or South, you can avoid glare and shadows from sunlight at certain times of the day. If you feel like the sunlight coming in is too harsh, it makes you feel hot, or adds glare on your computer screen, you can diffuse the sunlight with a thin curtain or beautiful bamboo blinds with the shutters slightly open. This way you’ll get some natural light without it causing glare.


2. Find the Right Angles for the Best Natural Light

Finding the perfect angle to set up your lighting and desk is important! If you enjoy sewing or are a designer working on drawings, then an abundance of natural light is very important for you. If you work at a computer screen all day then having too much light or glare directly in your eyes and reflecting on your computer screen would be a problem to your productivity. At certain times of the day pesky shadows can interfere with your work depending on the angle the sunlight is coming in from. Don’t be afraid to move around furniture and lighting and experiment with angles that work for you.

3. Avoid Direct Light From Lamps in Your Eyes

Place your artificial lighting in such a way that helps you avoid glare and direct light coming in your eyes as you work. People who are sensitive to migraines and headaches may find this to be a cause of having more episodes. If you do not have ceiling lighting, diffuse direct light with lampshades which will soften the harsh light from coming into your eyes.


4. Find Task Lighting Which is Right for You

If your room already has ambient light but you're still straining your eyes during certain tasks, try adding some task lighting to help you see better for that specific activity. For example, if you sew and cannot see the stitches and you have trouble threading needles, adding a task light that you could position exactly where you need it will help you see those fine details.  

5. Add Cute Accent Lighting for Motivation

Adding some decorative accent lighting to your desk is a great way to help lift your mood and increase the visual appeal of your office space! A cute fairy light like the Fairy Light Spirit Tree or Sunshine Pearl Tree™ is the perfect accent lamp to any desk. Just by looking at it while you work creates visual character and helps get creative thoughts going! Adding beautiful accent lighting on your desk, sconces, and artwork on the walls of your workspace helps keeps positive thoughts going which adds to productivity.

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    Fairy Light Spirit Tree is ideal for a baby’s room

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